This page is a collection of my emotions. My reason for collecting data of my emotions is for my own personal reflection... so if you don't care about that, then you should leave.

Percents rate overall happiness for the day (lower the percent, the worser the day... higher the percent, the better the day).

date percent +info
6/10/19 10% sad, confused, and mad... but the day started off okay.
6/11/19 50% angry, mad, confused in the morning... but the rest of the day was ok
6/12/19 5% just a whole depressive mood right here... but at least dinner was good
6/18/19 70% pretty good, my mother said some rude things to me after dinner and i ended the day crying
6/21/19 100% ha! ha! ha! i loved it-
6/22/19 0% homophobic opinions, abuse, && ate nothing
6/23/19 70% today was pretty good, ate nothing
6/24/19 40% anger, homophobic opinions, ate nothing
6/25/19 90% watched tv all day, nothing bad really happened, i've had better days
6/27/19 60% why are you trying so hard so make me feel bad about myself...